Q. What is TestNG and it’s benefits ? TestNG stands for Testing Next Generation framework. It is unit test automation framework inspired from JUnit. Benefite: – It is open source – It supports lots of annotations – It allows to set the priority of test cases – It allows to group the test cases -… Read More

Required tools/programs/jar files – JDK – Eclipse – Selenium Jar files – Browser driver for Chrome, Safari, IE, Firefox Download Java 8 (you can go for latest compatible version), Selenium, Browser drivers and run your first Selenium Test. Downloading JDK Open this link http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jdk8-downloads-2133151.html It will take you to below screen, Click on Download Tab.… Read More

Specifying a different or custom gulpfile name/path I was working on a website where I need to run my personal choice of workflow with the code. To automate this process, I wrote some gulp task. Now I have already a gulpfile.js in project and I want to save my task in another file say my-custom-task.js.… Read More

I was working with MongoDB for some time and looking for a good GUI open source client. There are many MongoDB management tools these days but I like the Robomongo most. About Robomongo Robomongo — is a shell-centric cross-platform open source MongoDB management tool (i.e. Admin GUI). Robomongo embeds the same JavaScript engine that powers… Read More

mixpanel-plugin.js Makes Mixpanel javascript api integration simple A plugin to add Mixpanel tracking api calls with respective elements and also call the associated event. Requirement Add jQuery.js plugin You can get the plugin from gtihub Github url Github page Screenshots Activity feeds Successful payment funnel Usage Load the mixpanel-plugin.js file with page after jQuery plugin… Read More

Difference between Manual and Automated testing: Image source : datadoghouse.typepad.com Manual Automated Manual testing (test case writing and executing) is entirely done by human being Test cases are written by human being or generated by any tool once and executed by system all the times It is time consuming It is fast It can be… Read More

Time interval scheduler is a javascript plugin to select and unselect the hours for entire week. We have developed a kid mobile app which has a functionality to setup Do not Disturb (DnD) hours for kid. Kid keep playing games, texting messages and talking to friends on their mobile at time of study. Parent want… Read More